We believe that your success is our success

We are a global tech startup, aim to facilitate the access and simplify the ease of usage of the ways, people will use the technologies of future. We like to call ourselves the “technology enablers” as this is exactly what we do – enable the technology for the commoners..

Augmented Reality

Multiple Augmented reality based projects are already underway at Instrek. Our services produce results and that’s why we are almost always stacked up with several assignments, working at the same time with a multitude of clients.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is one of our specialties. We offer wide range of services. We specialized in creating walkthroughs of properties for architects and real estate.

Mixed Reality

We are actively working in Mixed Reality to stay ahead of completion. Our engineers have already spent more than 100 hours in researching best practices for MR.

GPS Fencing

We are playing with GPS fencing since the time we started thinking about Instrek. Our multiple projects are leveraging GPS Fencing solutions.


From thinking of a Crypto Currency to Launching an ICO, we have explored all the routes already for you.


We are combining GPS technology with AR to create multiple solutions for different industries.

Customer Centric

Customers are important for any organization in the world and we do not tend to break that tradition. The products that we create and the solutions that we provide are always in line with our customers’ expectations. While working on solutions, we try to employ the same amount of passion, our customers have for their products. And this is the sole reason, why our customers see us as a partner not as a consulting company. We’re a bit different!

Amazing Team

The team working behind the scenes has a collective experience of more than a 100+ years, in the industry. The individuals have played important roles in some of the top companies like TCS, HCL, Infosys, Oracle, Monster and SRS. The group brings in diverse experiences from around the globe, after overseeing a huge number of worldwide innovations. Courtesy of these, it has become very easy for us to adopt new technologies and convert them into, only the best possible solutions.

He has more than 15 years of experience. He holds Master Degree in computer science. His "always on" innovative brain keeps Instrek ahead.

- Sachin Diwakar CEO

He has more than 22 Years of hardcore IT experience. His amazing problem solving attitude with hunger for learning more is the blood of Instrek.

- Manpreet Singh CTO

A business needs funds and he knows that better than anyone else. His plans are amazing and SMART.

- Vineet Sharma CFO